Gaia's fury

Gaia's fury

'Gaia's fury'- Acrylic on canvas 97×130 cm


Artist: Hanne Holdorf


    Hanne Holdorf


    My name is Hanne Holdorf I was born, one of two identical twins, in a beautiful and windy part of Northern Denmark.

    Inspired by nature, traveling, learning and life I have since traveled the world and lived in more than a handful of countries.

    Currently residing in the Beautiful Pyrenees mountains.

    'a light heart with a heavy soul and worn shoes'


    The inspiration for my works are often found in nature, what I seek to portray is the emotional imprint left on us.

    Through my works I hope to personify these landscapes, making them emotionally relatable to the viewer.

    'Gaia's fury' is about our individual relationship with earth, about us realising our responsibility and re-evaluating our personal bond with nature; 'taking responsibility, respecting our role and finding our balance'.