Fuerza y Fe

Fuerza y Fe

Fuerza y Fe – 2020 Strenght and faith.

Watercolor and embroidery 23 x 31 cms

Private Collection


Artist: Fernanda Quiñones


    Fernanda Quiñones


    Guadalajara, Jalisco. June 18, 1987.

    Creative artist and designer. Mexico.


    Ever since I can remember I’ve always had an interest and passion for art. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I had the opportunity to work in the family's business, experiencing first hand and working alongside professional craftmasters, fiber weavers and sewers. Creating beautiful furniture with my own hands, using only raw materials and artisans’ tools has impacted profoundly my creative spirit.


    I currently work as Lead Creative Designer & Project Manager for Rattan de Guadalajara, the place that has allowed me to flourish professionally since I was a child. Armed now with multiple international art and creative courses, a professional business degree, and experience travelling worldwide, I infuse my energy and creativity into my everyday work. Nothing is more satisfying than the sheer act of creating by letting myself unleash the very best I have to offer. I feel truly alive doing what I do and being who I am.


    Academic and Work Experience


    Design and manufacturing of outdoor and interior furniture collections . Showrooms and retail exhibitions design.

    Collaboration with Mexican and foreign designers in hospitality projects for international and national chains.

    Original artistic work currently showcased in three Art Galleries in Mexico.

    Member of the board of directors of IIDA Guadalajara (International Interior Design Ass.)

    Student of the Visual Arts Master Ernesto Flores since 2017.

    Intensive Design and Architecture course in Paris, Parsons Paris, 2010. Summer intensive Design Course in New York, Parsons The New School, 2009.

    Drawing and Design course at White House Institute of Design in Melbourne, Australia, 2008.

    Bachelor in Business from Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara, 2007-2010.


    My artistic work includes watercolor, oil, mixed media and graphite drawing techniques.