Title:   Force

Year:   2020

Tech:  Acrylic on canvas

size:    80,3x100cm


Artist: Yoshimi Shigeyama


    Yoshimi Shigeyama


    Yoshimi Shigeyama was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. He did not go to an art university, but instead studied and obtained a master’s degree for economics at Kobe University. After that, he got a job at an import car dealership and worked until his late 40s. He likes to appreciate art and was impressed by the works of Andy Warhol, Alberto Giacometti and Isson Tanaka. He experienced hard work at the company to the fullest. Let's make a living from our favorite art! He put this thought into practice and became a painter at the age of 47. He was self-taught in painting and also had some sales activities at online galleries. He was selected for the 2020 Croatian Art Prize Exhibition and the Zero Exhibition in 2021. One day, a person looked at his artwork and said, "Feelings are arranged". These words encouraged him to paint an artwork that could give people peace and reduce stress. His artworks are characterized with bold composition and delicate brush stroke style, and he uses acrylic and ink. While believing in intuition, he is always aware that a work is a product.