acryl 2020


Artist: Korinna Janssen


    Korinna Janssen


    Growing up in The Netherlands, I was drawn to the arts from a young age.

    After I moved to a foreign country (Israel), I felt uprooted for many years and as a result I was functioning in “survival mode” and subsequently the arts moved to the background.

    A couple of years ago I rediscover painting as my way of self-expression and I created myself a ‘new home’ in my art, using all my life experience to make exciting and powerful work.

    For my paintings, I get inspired in different ways. Sometimes an idea comes to me in a dream-like vision or in a "flash", sometimes I work from memory or from a picture. I lived in Hungary for a while and I also have many paintings somehow related to Budapest city or inspired by Hungarian artists in some way. Through using various colors in my work, I attempt creating an emotional "broadcast" of a certain moment or memory

    My journey is always from the inside out. I get inspired by feelings I am using a personal visual language to plow through unexplored inner territories, trying to make the invisible visible. I get inspired by feelings like love, loneliness and fear. In 2019, I used strong colors and clean lines, I try to transcend and transform the strong emotions and polarized energies that can exists within our minds and bodies. The results are usually balanced compositions, expressing a temporary ‘status quo’


    Right now, 2020-2021, I’m exploring themes like Impermanence and Buddhism. I’m constantly looking for new to express myself, while staying close to the direct human experience. I’m working with photography, mixed media, oil paint, acrylic paint, found objects and natural materials, exploring the ever-changing natural world around us, based on a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. For my photography I mostly get inspired by nature, and abandoned buildings, touching upon subjects like impermanence, change, decay, flowing water (symbolizing hope and chance) and cyclic movements in nature. I bring an effortless flow inside the process of producing my work as well, identifying obstacles and finding ways around them or ways to transform them.

    I'm the owner of KOKO Art Print, an online store with high quality giclée fine art prints based on my original paintings. I offer both Limited and Special Edition prints www.kokoartprint.com



    1979: Born in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Living and working in Israel since 2005. I live with my family in a small pastoral kibbutz in the North of Israel. Besides the arts, I am interested in music, meditation, Buddhism, hiking in nature and travel in Europe.


    MA Art & Cultural Management, University of Groningen

    Art Academy Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands


    Upcoming Exhibition:

    Nir David, Israel, March 2021


    Group Exhibitions:

    Eye to Eye, Groningen, The Netherlands

    Love and Touch, July 2020, Tel Aviv

    Creators Valley, August 2020, Spring Valley