Oil on Canvas

Collection: Her 

2019, First Edition, Original, 1/1

“Women are the basis of society and life on earth, the all powerful woman pulls from different facets of society and life to sculpt and mold the human race”


Artist: John Benedetto


    John Benedetto


    John has developed a unique style which draws upon introspection and emotions, paralleling the Expressionists, Neo-expressionists and the Fauvists such as Picasso, Miro, Munch, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Dali, Soutine and others. He considers himself a pure artist, as his works evolve as raw vision straight from palette to canvas. John uses art as a means of communication, being able to express his thoughts and feelings through painting on topics as extreme as gender, politics, religion and the minds inter- workings, an entirely unfiltered method of communication used far before words.

    Benedetto’s work has morphed in style as his stages in life have changed through the ups and downs. Benedetto’s work has been shown since 1992.Today he shows in his private studio as well as in galleries and exhibitions around the world. Presently Benedetto happily resides near Chicago, Illinois, with his wife and three children.


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