Title: Familia
Dimensions: 50 W x 65 H x 0,1 D cm
Year: 2021
Mediums: Marker
Materials: Paper, 163g
Abstract painting


Artist: Kirstine Marie Moos


    Kirstine Marie Moos


    Kirstine Marie Moos, is a Copenhagen based Artist. She found her way to painting at an early age, but instead of studying fine arts, she studied Sports and marketing. The inner urge for art, however, remained. In order to break out of the daily routine of working as a marketing manager, she created for herself the world of art, in which there are no boundaries. No control. No right or wrong. As a totally opposite of the world she was working in. 
    At the end of 2020, she chose to go after her dream, of becoming an artist, and work with it professionally. Painting is an important part of her everyday life that she cannot live without. Her method is intuitive, and shapes and colors emerge as a result of an inner dialogue. Her everyday life, thoughts and feelings appear figuratively on canvases. Her universe and creative mind are filled with colors and crooked lines. Here, faces and moods meet on paper. She loves the abstract and the simplicity.

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