Esce da me svegliati

Esce da me svegliati

Title: “Esce da me svegliati” Technique: Acryl Dimension: 70x100cm


Artist: Robert John Geng


    Robert John Geng


    my name is Robert John Geng I love to paint with acrylic colors the effect of these colors is indescribably beautiful.  I like to use other materials such as sand, plaster of paris, glue, silicone and everything I find on an inspiring walk in the forest.  I also used it to make a lot of acrylic collages on canvas.  A very big favorite of mine is pouring paint with exciting colors but also colors that rather exude silence.  The ideas mostly come to me from nature, like heaven and earth and people around me who dress in bright colors.  My eyes open my fantasies for every single picture.  You just have to look carefully and let the spirit of the gift run free, because each of my pictures is the mirror of it and my soul.  Everything I create is an expression of my joy and should be a gift to posterity.  Through my art I grant a glimpse into my soul and into the love that is in me in order to win people over for it.  We are born with love and that's exactly what I embody.  I wish everyone to immerse themselves in an indescribable world of emotions while looking at my pictures.  I'm also writing a book that is a hobby of mine that describes exactly what you can do with gifts, no matter how and where.