En blanc

En blanc

En blanc - acrylic on canvas - 55 x 33 cm


Artist: Lili Kioutchoukova


    En blanc - acrylic on canvas - 55 x 33 cm


    Lili Kioutchoukova


    Lili Kioutchoukova graduates in fine art at the University of st. Kiril and Metody in Veliko Turnovo city in 1983.

    She was born on 5th September, 1958 in Bulgaria. From 1991 she is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists and from 1987 begins to present her paintings in more than 30 individual expositions in Bulgaria and abroad. She is a Bulgarian French artist who from 1998 to 2013 exhibits in France, Holland, Switzerland and Germany along with her husband, the french painter, scenographer and sculptor Alain Roy. He is an Author of the text and the drawings of DICTIONNAIRE RAISONNE ET ILLUSTRE DU THEATRE A L‘ÍTALIENNE. Lili's paintings are presented in Municipal gallery - Plovdiv and Municipal gallery - Sofia and also in many other private collections in Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Holland, Swiss, USA, Australia.


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    "Lily Kioutchoukova's paintings are fine and delicate, imbued with a special poetic spirit.in that respect there is a complete correspondence between the painter and her pieces of art :the painter herself has a soft sensibility and quiet,not intrusive,but still tangible presence in the modern artistic life of Bulgaria, as if projecting herself within the atmosphere of bliss and dreaminess that envelops her images.

    She prefers to paint interiors with figures (most frequently figures of women) whose message extends beyond the categories either of plot or the story. The level of sincerity and honesty towards her own being and towards the spectator is a guarantee for the unintentional frankness and authenticity of artistic  expression.

    In Lily Kioutchoukova's artistic world there are no explicit "statements", plastically shaped subjects or picture situations open to a comprehensive discursive analysis.On the contrary - her paintings are full of nuances, illusions, elusive and hard to formulate thrills and intonations. Numerous invisible contact threads and energy streams seem to expand between the space and figures on the picture that create a pulsating net of monochrome and polychrome colourful harmonies, reminding of Bonard or Vuillard's paintings.At the same time, however, it should be mentioned that the painter definitely bears the sign of a distinct, already shaped individuality of her own and draws inspiration on the european art background as much as on the national art traditions and especially on the art of Plovdiv painting - the second largest city in Bulgaria, famous for with its painters.

    The painter's course towards the pure colour is rather individual indeed. Being a Graphics graduate, she gradually leaves behind the conditonality of black-and-white expression to embark - maybe by intuition at first but then more and more consciously - on the territory of painting. Her works are eloquent example of the increasing convetions of the form and genre definitions of the modern art. Her paintings are perceived as quiet oases of spiritual peace and repose among the hectic and anxious rhythms of nowdays.Thus, modern and classical at the same time,Lily kioutchoukova reaches the inmost values of the authentic art of painting - a quality that ensures the lasting impact of her images on the spectator."


     Associate Professor Chavdar Popov, PhD