Year:   2019   Dimensions: 90x90x4cm

Technique: spatula and spray Materials: acrylics and graffiti


Artist: Birgit Barkhoff


    Birgit Barkhoff


    Painting already fascinated me in my youth. I was very impressed by some color combinations and designs by different artists. For a long time I only drew and sketched with pencil, charcoal and colored pencils.


    When I started painting acrylic, I found what I was always looking for. The feeling of portraying all the impressions and inspirations as I see them.

    Abstract. In the following years, I worked intensively on painting and the implementation of inspiration and feeling in color, applied various techniques, and continued to develop myself. Partly in lessons with other artists, but mostly self-taught.


    I want to show the world as I see it. Capture and paint impressions and snapshots. Capture feelings and interpersonal communication in the picture. Set intuitive accents. Buildings, people and colorful life inspire me and inspire my imagination. I hold onto all of these images and impressions within myself. I take photos or sketch in my head. I take my time in my studio. Time for the journey to transform the inspirations and impressions into colorful compositions.


    I want to move people with my pictures and touch them. I also want to get the viewer to follow their own imagination.


    I like the communication between an image and myself. The genesis of art itself, and the part where inspiration takes hold of my thoughts.