Don’t mind what?

Don’t mind what?

“Don’t mind what?”


Acrylic on masonite

80 x 60 cm


Artist: Alba Bruun


    Alba Bruun


    I like to view an artwork as a world of unique perspective demanding one to draw lines to reality both with answered and unanswered questions.

    I am from Denmark, a few years into painting and I am (at least for now) self-taught and value the process, the experiments, the UN-purposeless  fails, and the perspective of “no rules or limits for art” as guidelines for creating and learning.

    I paint primarily with acrylic, now and then mixed with other medias. I sometimes make a base of acrylic pouring, then mixed with brush strokes and almost always a figure with human-like features of some sort. Playing with expressions, symbolism, shadows and of course colours.