Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy

"Cosmic Energy"



Oil and acrylic on canvas, mixed technique.


Artist: Olga Zadoroznaja


    Olga Zadoroznaja


    About Olga Zadoroznaja

    Born in Belarus but spending most her life in Lithuania, Olga found herself struggling with her identity from an early age. Creating art helped her to express herself. By the age of 17, she had her first photography exhibition in Vilnius. She then graduated from Vilnius University of Applied Sciences with a BA in Image Design.

    Olga continued to be hugely passionate about all forms of visual art. Thus far, she has experimented with photography, painting, face art, and live events. When Olga first moved to London to find creative freedom, she also took a job as a background actress for films and drew inspiration from cinematography. She has since moved back to Lithuania and is working as a full-time artist.

    Her favorite painting themes- abstract and woman beauty. She likes mixing fashion theme into her paintings. Inspiration comes from within, emotional. She always admired women, their inner beauty, energy, passion and grace. She struggled to find that one personal style and subject, because of how diverse her interests are,  unless she realized that most of her paintings were united by two aspects- deepness of color palette and emotions.


    Latest Events

    2020 Collaboration with Cherry Creek Lifestyle magazine, October Issue.

    2020 Creating first ever collection of 3 artworks "Christmas Spirit"

    2020 Artwork is published in Lithuanian Interior Design magazine

    2020, SKT Gallery London, Fake Space Exhibition