Artista: Margot Lochrin


Size: 49cmx70cm

Ink, watercolour and acrylic on 330 gsm paper


Artist: Margot Lochrin


    Margot Lochrin


    Margot Lochrin is a Sydney-based artist who began pursuing her art making full-time after careers in accounting, speech therapy and academia. Margot has a unique and eclectic style, ranging from abstract expressionism to fauvism, pop deco to fine line, art nouveau, post-Impressionism, and more. Subjects are predominately inspired by the Australian landscapes, and flora and fauna. Her colours and textures are vivid and developed and Margot utilises a range of different techniques and mediums, often combining many into each work. A fresh approach and voice to the art scene, this prolific self-taught artist is one to watch.



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