Cold Coast

Cold Coast

Cold Coast


Acrylic paint, acrylic ink and posca pen on water color paper.

Size A3  420 x 297 mm


Artist: Helena Nissinen


    Helena Nissinen


    Some people have the gift of music, I feel that I have the gift of colour. Colour speaks to me, it moves, hides and reveals.  I dream of colour and see the colours surrounding me in the nature, day and night.

    I am a graphic designer by profession, but painting is something more. Painting frees me from a form and destination.  It lets the intuition take over, processing the ideas to abstract and organic visions. Nature inspires me every day, teaching that there is beauty everywhere in the world, even in the rough and beaten things.

    My  technique is mixed media, mostly acrylic paints, acrylic ink and different kind of pens and markers, sometimes pieces of collage on paper, canvas or vintage wood. The outcome is more important than the media, I use what ever catches my eye in search of the result I want.

    Happy accidents are most welcome . I don’t plan too much ahead, I enjoy seeing the painting revealing itself. Usually there is a lot of layers upon each other, revealing and hiding details in the process.