Cinnamon Eyes

Cinnamon Eyes

Cinnamon Eyes

Date: September 2019

Size: 56x56

Technique: face paint – Photograph – Photoshop – Oil Paint on Canvas


Artist: Lee Parent


    Lee Parent


    Artist/ Imagination Junky / Joy Enthusiast / Entrepreneur

    Lee Parent grew up on the rocky coast of Maine watching her father support his family with his artwork; black and white photography. Inspired by his journey, Parent searched for her own unique artistic voice. With a passion for theatre and the dramatic arts, Parent majored in Set Design for theatre at Emerson College, one of the finest Performing Arts colleges in the U.S. This ultimately led to her finding her unique artistic point of view in Graphic Design where she worked for companies such as Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Neuron Syndicate and more. Her passion for budding entrepreneurs became the catalyst for starting her own design firm, Hey! Design Group, where she focused primarily on Branding & Art Direction for start ups and her favorite: Mom & Pop businesses. As the universe would have it, her career in graphic design would lead her to open another business, Kids Unplugged LLC, a passion project that turned into a brick and mortar business. There she created programs for kids and their families that inspires them to unplug from their devices and gets their brains and bodies moving. As Kids Unplugged has taken off to become a community staple, it revealed to Parent that she loves face painting. In the throws of running her business with staff and lots of moving parts, she found another creative spark while painting faces at birthday parties. It became her meditative creative time and ignited a new multimedia art project that has become her favorite art process. She does intuitive face painting, where she allows the subject's face to "tell" her what to paint. There is no prior thought or plan before she begins. This is a key part of her process. From there she photographs the subject, inputs the photo into photoshop where she creates and discovers the emerging piece. The art then gets printed onto a canvas where she paints over the image to deepen the colors, textures and story behind the image. As a business woman, artist and single mom of 2 girls, she hopes to enlighten the world through her imagination and love of play and discovery. Her artistic voice screams of empowerment, intensity and the luscious beauty of life and creation.