Breath of Earth

Breath of Earth

Title: Breath of Earth

Year: 2021

Size: 40 cm x 60 cm

Technical data: acrylic on canvas


Artist: Alicja Małkiewicz


    Alicja Małkiewicz


    I was born in northern Poland and raised in beautiful countryside, where the nature is rough and fresh. I have always been inspired by myths and legends of a Slavic and Nordic culture.


    All the stories I have read inspired me to search true magic in our world, and I have always been close to art, painting for myself and my friends.


    I work as Project Manager in Marketing where I can make good use of my creativity and sense of art almost everyday. No one ever told me how to paint and how to create real art. I believe real art comes from emotions and love and those are two things than never failed to inspire me.


    Please follow me on my journey full of nostalgia and hope.