Body, vulva.

Body, vulva.

TITLE: Body, vulva.

YEAR: 2020

TECHNIQUE: Stainless Steel Modeling

DIMENSION: 80 x 150 x 70 cm

WEIGHT: 11.3 kg


Artist: Zargos




    Zargos is a Brazilian artist, born in 1989 on the suburbs of Belo Horizonte, city where he currently lives. For about a year he has been exploring different forms and elements in art, exposing his vision of the relationship between the society and the individual, as well as the relations deep within himself. In Corpo (Body), Zargos expresses his physical and abstract relationship with his own body in all its forms and intensities made possible by the act of touching. The hatching of the suppressed and accumulated touches originating from social confinement, in a search for the limits of the body and its own masculine and feminine essences.