Big Horse Insania

Big Horse Insania

Title: Big Horse Insania
Year: 2017

Technique: The Photo is a real stage artwork, taken 2017 in Oh! Garage (Studio)
Size: 80x60 cm


''What ever it takes! You climb roofs, mountains, in day and nights. Your nature! Your view, with all the horsepower you have. It was not only a dream. You did it! Life! With passion and love. Swing your magic wand, in moonlight 'couleurs''


Artist: Michael Angle Oh!


    Michael Angle Oh!


    Born 1979 in Sweden.

    Michael is a free artist, specialized independent musician, art photographer, painter, sculpture builder. (a poet in his dreams)

    Angle reflect the nature, inspired by the animals and the trees - where he lives now! ‘In the land God forgot about for a very long time’

    Oh! Is driven by passion, love and big cities! ‘From there he gets the pulse’ Heart. He feels and hear sounds. Hard work shines, like the Universe. Life is flowers! ‘Des Fleur pour Vous’ Message; The treasure is You!