Be My D.

Be My D.

“Be My D.”, 80 cm x 100 cm, mixed media on canvas (charcoal, acrylic body prints, markers, ink). Concept: this artwork has a basis of my black-coloured body print, reminding about the alter-ego of a personality. The deep and intense colour palette depicts the zenith of love, when one might see almost all the facets of the partner, not only the light and positive side. The embracing gesture of the demonic wing features the partner's strive to be accepted in a full measure, while showing not only his/her bright side of personality, and the golden liquid in the right hand symbolises gratitude for the full acceptance.


Artist: Victoria V.


    Victoria V.




    Born in Ukraine in 1982. As of 2020 living in Vienna, Austria.

    Working with original textured paintings using expressive techniques and different media (acrylics, ink, oil, makers, etc.). Engaging concepts of psychology, hypnosis, trance, mythology, subconsciousness, (ancient) symbols, colors and forms influence on the audience.


    Recent Educational:

    2019 - Art-atelier by Elena Ilyina, Moscow

    2020 - Feminist Art Course, Node Center Berlin, Germany

    2020 - British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow

    2021 - Contemporary Art, SKVOT, Kiev, Ukraine



    Recent Exhibitions:

    2019 - Exhibition project "Feelings" at Soulfulloft, Moscow

    2020 - Exhibition "What Is Art?" The Boomer Gallery, London UK

    2020 - Exhibition "The Metamorphosis" The Holy Art Gallery, London UK

    2020 - Exhibition The 6th Annual Colorful Abstractions, Fusion Art Gallery, Palms Springs, USA

    2020 - Exhibition "Colour Boom -2", London UK

    2020 - Exhibition Humanoids, The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

    2021 - Exhibition “Small work - big talent” Las Laguna Art Gallery, California, USA

    2021 - January Show “Open” Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA

    2021 - 2nd Abstract Online Art Show for the month January 2021, The Grey Cube Gallery

    2021 - 11th Annual "CityScapes" Online Art Competition (Special Recognition), Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Palm Springs, USA

    2021 - the 3rd Mind Body Spirit Art Exhibition, J. Mane Gallery

    2021 - The Body Language Exhibition by Its Liquid Group, Venice, Italy


    Other Activities

    Beyond Words Literary Magazine - Cover Art February 2021

    Beyond Words Literary Magazine - Illustration March 2021




    I always liked to draw and to paint. As a child, when I was spending my time in the naughty corner, I sneaked pencils and drew on the wall, on the door and on my grandma’s ironing board; when my friends wouldn’t play with me, because I was “weird” as of their opinion, I took my pencils and paints and created my own worlds and stories and put them to the paper.

    I’ve been collecting my techniques and my teachers as a puzzle, which was resonating with me on different stages of my development; I adore unpredictability of watercolours, texture of oil; I love experimenting with acrylics, inks and digital as well as with other materials like wires, threads and papier-mâché; I adore the process of creation - just because #Ilovetocreate


    For me, creating means breathing.This is a real ritual of diving into my own worlds and parallel realities. For me, creating means freedom. This is a ritual of traveling through the Universe and of feeling the gods watching us. For me, creating means interaction of energies and subtle matters, meanings, symbols, colours, pigments, lines and canvases. It means fusion of ancientry, of the present and of the future, it means combination of higher materia and inner demons. For me, creating means my way of touching mystery and magic, that we often overlook in our daily lives.