Are you ready

Are you ready

Are you ready, 50x70x0,5cm, 2020, acrylic on polystyrene board


Artist: Mirva Hamdi


    Are you ready, 50x70x0,5cm, 2020, acrylic on polystyrene board_MOD


    Mirva Hamdi


    I am Mirva Hamdi in 1983 born a self-taught artist from Finland. I'm inspired by almost everything. But most of the time, emotions, colors and the Finnish nature provides a source of inspiration for my art.

    I like to vary materials and techniques. But I prefer acrylics on paper or canvas.

    My art is abstract and mainly controlled chaos. Chaos is more interesting than order. On the other hand, everyone needs some sort of order. It's also fascinating when I can't control everything when I paint. The courage to jump into the unknown and the humility surrender to what may come. So I would say my painting is also very intuitive and spiritual.

    I am very prolific artist. Expressing myself throught art is important to me. As I paint, I feel I am in the right place and fill my place in this world.