Annamaria Johansson

Annamaria Johansson

Annamaria Johansson


    Annamaria Johansson


    Annamaria Johansson is a Stockholm based artist. She was born in 1986 in a city called Östersund in the northern part of Sweden. She had in early age a great apatite to paint and draw.

    Life has it twist and turns and Annamaria ended up in the corporate world after first making a couple of years in the health care sector, as a registered nurse and continued forward with studies in business administration where she holds a Bachelor’s degree at Stockholm’s University.


    Annamaria’s work is strongly influenced by the candid description of being a human in today’s society. She believes that we all have a higher purpose and are divine beings searching for inner peace, finding joy and to for fill our lives by using earthly things, consuming and building our own personality from the outside in, instead of the opposite. Children have always had a special place in the work of Annamaria. Children, she believes that they embody the purity and unfiltered expression of the reality they are facing. Today’s uncertainty is revealed in the portrait that Annamaria has painted.

    Her travels have allowed her to collect a lot of experience from all parts of the world, including inspiration from Australia, Zanzibar, Cape Verde, Vietnam, Dominican Republican, New York and Europe.

    She evolved her scope of experience so did his medium of expression, namely graphite, charcoal, water colours and oil paintings.

    She refrains from planning his pieces and opts rather, for the canvas and days inspiration to lead her.

    The latest collection FREE HUMAN, is a mix of portraits of humans including a cheetah. All the stories and poems are written by Annamaria herself.

    Annamaria currently work as full time artist from her studio in the heart of the city of Stockholm. A space that she deems to be in need for more creativity and free humans.