Anna in the Gold Chair

Anna in the Gold Chair

Anna in the Gold Chair

29x21 cm A4 on Fabriano paper

mixed media (Charcoal, soft pastel, and acrylics)


Artist Statement


The body has always been a major source of inspiration for me whether as a dancer myself, dance teacher, responding to others dancing or by drawing the body of a life model. Through dance I became very aware and comfortable with my own body and what it can and cannot do and I accept and am incredibly grateful for the animation it has given to my life.

I believe very strongly in the intelligence of nature and consequently the intelligence of the body. I have felt this intelligence particularly when dancing and the ‘duende’ (being in the zone) takes over. Sometimes it is the same when drawing the body, usually for me the female body; you make a connection to the life source and it is deeper than the mind or the brain. That ‘flow’ is a full body awareness and connection to spirit, to emotion and to energy. I know my physical body, but I am still learning about my emotional and spiritual body and when I draw the female body I feel a connection to my own female emotional body and to female energy.

I like to draw other animate beings like animals, flowers, trees, water or even landscapes but the human body is the chief source of inspiration for my art.


Artist: Mt Connolly


    Mt Connolly


    Mt (Mary Theresa) Connolly is originally from N. Ireland although she lived in California for 20 years. During this time, she earned an MA degree in Economics and spent 10 years working for a major National Health provider as a health economics researcher. In the evenings she studied Flamenco dance and became a flamenco dancer with a small Flamenco troupe. Another passion and touchstone which she maintained contact with during these years was art, taking photography, joining various art groups, and taking art classes at local colleges where she won a college wide photography contest.

    On her return to the UK, Mt decided that she wanted to refocus her life in a more creative direction and enrolled in Fine and Applied Arts degree course at the University of Ulster where she was awarded R.E. Wright Perpetual Cup for Outstanding Achievement in a Higher Education Course. She studied here for four years but family commitments and the demands of dance gradually took over. She started her own dance school and dance group which performed all over N. Ireland. She managed and directed all aspects of the group even designing and making the dance costumes for herself, other group members and her students. Dancing and the group became and were a major part of her life for many years but in 2015 she sustained a serious injury in an accident and was forced once again to change her life’s direction. She started to teach English and has spent much of the last 3 years living on and off between Italy and Northern Ireland.

    During the rigorous lockdown of early 2020, Mt spent many months in isolation in a one-bedroom apartment in Rome and it was during this time that she once again turned to art. She found solace and companionship drawing along with other artists in zoom life drawing classes offered all over the world. Since then, she has not stopped and continues to draw or paint in some form every day. Almost all the art she is currently sharing on her Instagram account is from this period of her life.

    Having fully reignited her passion and connection with art, Mt has created a small home studio and drawing has become an integral part of her daily life which she no longer feels she could live without.