And still We hope

And still We hope


Material: acrylic on canvas

Size (cm): 80*80

Year: 2020


Artist: Hella Ridder


    Hella Ridder


    Born in 1974, I started painting in my early teenager years. My grandfather, a studied artist and professor of art, taught me the basics of painting when I was fourteen years old.

    On the age of sixteen I took part in my first exhibition, by this time already focused on abstract

    painting to express my inner feelings. As one result of this show I was taken in by the German artist H. Rötter as a student, a cooperation that lasted until 2001.

    During this period of time I already developed my own style of painting, building on the solid

    foundation of lessons given by my teachers.

    By painting I try to express and unlock the most inner feelings of our very souls, I want to touch the observer deep inside and awaken the most intense emotions, that may lead directly to a inner connection between viewer and the painting itself.

    I aim for a lasting, profound effect of the pictures on the beholder. It is more important to me, to achieve a long-term effect, which I prefer to impress immediately by intense color contrasts.

    With all of my pictures, I strive to create access to light, if we are ready to let ourselves in for this magical moment. In doing so, I would like to enable the viewer to gain an access to his or her inner self, to the inner light of our very souls, that can often only be achieved through feeling but not through ratio. Painting to me is a doorway to the innermost part of human spirit, which I try to unlock with every picture anew.



    Exhibitions 2021/22:

    01/2021: Azaro Artspace, Hamburg/Germany :

    03/2021: M.A.D.S, Milano/Italy:

    04/2021: Stage Gallery, Cologne/Germany:

    04/2021: Focus Art Fair, Paris/France:

    05/2021: Radison Blue, Merseburg/Germany (Solo)

    03/2022: Hilton, Bonn/ Germany (Solo)


    Exhibitions 2020:

    • All exhibitions canceled due to Covid-19


    My first Exhibitions:

    1990: Die Werkstatt, Erfweiler/Germany.

    2000: Wald-Café, Bonn/Germany" (Solo)



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