Amnesia Express

Amnesia Express

Title: amnesia express

Size: 87x64

Date: 2020


Artist: Pedro Mazzinghy


    Pedro Mazzinghy


    Born and raised in Santa Inês, an east-side neighbourhood of Belo Horizonte in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, Pedro Mazzinghy (1989) showcases his second international exhibition at the M.A.D.S Art Gallery in Milan.


    The self-taught artist discovered a way to convey his gaze at the world through an authentic and sensitive art. His works are charged with powerful lines, imbalanced forms, intuitive rustles and signs that reflect his childhood and experiences, growing up immersed in an urban peripheral paradox.


    His references range from the childhood on the streets to the Brazilian rap, literature, popular culture, and society. In his work, Pedro endeavours to express the inequalities, intricacies, and power struggles that permeate our human relationships.


    Always uneasy, he had his first contact with painting less than a year ago, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, as a way to express himself whilst soothing the feelings that soar from the context that we currently face.



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