Title: Amazonia

Technique: Mixed Media & Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Size: 70 x 50 cm, Year: 2021

Concept: The Amazon encompass the single largest remaining tropical rainforest in the world as well as is home to an estimated 16,000 tree species and 40,000 species of flowering plants. The Amazon’s forests are rapidly vanishing and if this trend continues, we face the irrevocable loss of one of the world’s richest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet. Each of us can contribute to the protection of the “Lungs of Earth” by for example reducing the consumption of meat and palm oil as well as choosing sustainably produced foods.


Artist: Magdalena Maestri


    Magdalena Maestri


    Magdalena Maestri is an emerging contemporary artist based in Luxembourg who excels at fluid and abstract art using different color and texture configurations.

    She was born in Poland but also lived in Belgium, UK, Italy, and Hong Kong; the experience of all different cultures and landscapes can be found in her work.

    Her creations reflect the fascination by nature’s sublime beauty, music, photography, and in particular day-to-day emotions of life. In her view art is a form of meditation, a creative process inspired by intuition as well as self-expression and perhaps even an encounter with an inner vulnerable self.

    She believes art has no boundaries, she loves exploring and challenging herself. Experimenting is of the utmost importance to her as she continues to grow through learning new techniques while always venturing into new styles.

    She gladly accepted the invitation to participate to the International Contemporary Exhibition “GAIA – The origin” as the nature, ecology and climate change issues are close to her heart.