Àlex Mañé Montané

Àlex Mañé Montané

Àlex Mañé Montané


    Àlex Mañé Montané


    ARTIST FULL NAME: Àlex Mañé Montané  (25-11-1974)


    LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain.


    STYLE: Recycling found art / Contemporary Art.


    TECHNIC:  2D Collage / 3D Collage with several elements.


    CANVAS / FRAMES: Recycled frames / computer’s screens / bicycle wheels / WC seat / Record players……



    Recycling, raw material, giving a second chance to the stuff I find in the streets, or collected from my friends and different people, some trash recycling in my workplace. All of them they are like treasures to me, to be recycled and converted into Art.

    The main topics I use to be inspired are about: power abuse, social denouncement (that includes all political, sexual, job and many other social disparities), gender equality, races equality, nature, environment, human evolution, historical memory…….


    I use several languages in my artwork: Catalan and Spanish (my two native languages), English, German, French.

    My main goal is to awake the human’s awareness in topics I consider important for our planet and memories.

    My creations are full off encrypted messages and different readings and possibilities (depending on the perception off the spectator) as hidden enigmas, like could be conceptually, “crosswords”, alphabet soup or “sudokus.


    I love to combine magazines, newspapers, books, pictures, postcards, cd covers,posters, comics, anything from different decades, people who left their mark in history…….In order to accentuate the Artwork  storytelling !!!!!




    2012 / Versàtils de carrer / Artists Collective / Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona.

    2013/ Versàtils de carrer / Artists Collective / Centre Julol-Can Negre / Sant Joan d’Espí, Barcelona.

    2013 / ArtistLove / Artists Collective / Zen Tao International / Barcelona.

    2014 / Walking Gallery / Art Collective / Barcelona.



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