Lisa Gehres




Dilemma Original art work by Lisa Gehres. Artwork comes ready to hang, certificate of the authenticity is included. Dimensions incl. frame: 80 cm (W) x 120 cm (H) o Edition: original o Mixed Medium: acrylic, spray paint, glossy coating on canvas o Support and framing detail: stretched canvas, unframed, ready to hang o Year created: 2020 Warranty: original artwork delivered with a certificate of authenticity “The picture is a 80x120 cm representation in acrylic on canvas by Lisa Gehres and shows a figurative representation that is typical for her. The painting is a representation of the social dilemma, what is right and wrong, who decides your pathway. In the center of the painting symbols justice to ask, how free is your will. The artist wants to make a statement, to be provocative, and to entice the viewer to think, to feel, to ask, and to be in the present. With the contrasting color scheme, the painter reveals an inherent ambivalence in people.” Artist: Lisa Gehres