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Grazia Moroni
Visual artist

Grazia Moroni

Visual artist


Born and raised in the province of Varese, I began my artistic studies in FLORENCE where I graduated in Pictorial Restoration at the ISTITUTO PER L'ARTE E IL RESTAURO .
I moved to Milan where I used to work as an illustrator.
I attended decoration courses at the SCUOLA SUPERIORE DI ARTE APPLICATA Here the art workshop HOCUS POCUS was born and my love affair with glass and mosaic. Among others, I collaborated with ELIO FIORUCCI.
From Milan to the countryside of Turin where I deepened my glass mosaic technique and where my first WORKS were born.
I am a VISIONARY artist, my works represent my double soul the 'gothic' and the 'psychedelic' one. My inspiration comes above all from MUSIC and its evocative power.
I design and realise my 'visions' with drawings, colours and with the magic of glass through the mosaic technique.


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