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Leo Viridis
Digital artist

Leo Viridis

Digital artist


My name is Leo Viridis and I’m a self-taught artist.
I have always drawn and painted, looking for new forms of expression.
In recent years I have been literally struck by digital painting, with its potential that allows you to translate your creativity quickly, in any place and time.
To do this, I make use of graphics tablets and optical pens, drawing by hand or by using vector graphics.
Then my works are printed on canvas.
About 5 years ago I started a program called "Nigredo", one of the phases of the great work of alchemy in which matter is rotted and brought back to primordial chaos, also in-fluencing the inwardness of the alchemist who will have to prepare himself to face his own demons.

Inspired by the Mutus Liber - a book of the '600 in which the entire process of alchemical transmutation is exposed symbolically not with words, but through hieroglyphic drawings - I decided to create paintings that focus not so much on the manipulation of matter, but on internal processes and the states of consciousness linked to them, the so-called internal alchemy.

I rarely plan my works, generally I try to reach inner silence and I let myself be guided by this. What happens is that my paintings create themselves, with a minimal support of my mind. My purpose is to capture the viewer's attention through archetypal shapes, colors and images, in such a way as to accompany him on an inner journey and new states of consciousness.

I exhibited in various venues in Treviso and took part in group exhibitions at the Galleria Cael in Milan, at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa and at 1758 Venice art studio.
Anyone interested in my work can find me on Instagram @leoviridisart.


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