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Yvonne Benasser

Yvonne Benasser



I am an emerging amateur artist, currently I work in a completely different field of activity, and I make paintings because energy calls me to make them. I have a literary training op-tion plastic arts in high school, so a literary baccalaureate. Today, my personal evolution naturally leads me to reconnect
with art. I am sensitive to the beauty that can be conveyed through artistic expression, and I consider
that it improves our daily lives. As such, I participate in charitable works. So, I created the accounts on
social networks this year, shared the paintings inspired by the dynamism of the colors, the textures
that I like, and also the originality and novelty, because I like to renew myself, while keep-ing the
abstract and expressive line of conduct, and a strong energetic line through the works. I think that art is curative, and that it can only help today, both the artist and the observer. Reconnecting with yourself becomes essential.


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