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Margíria Mercia

Margíria Mercia



My trajectory as watercolor artist began in 2020. Between pandemic, social isolation,
socioeconomic inequality rises, i had to face breast cancer when the hospitals couldn’t
welcome me.
In this tumult i put all my energy to create watercolor paintings. All my emocional state,
faith, fears, insecurity and resilience. And all this energy create my art. Painting new
watercolors everyday, when ask how i think my pieces as I usually say that came more from my
hand, then my brain.
In reality, the pandemic and the cancer diagnosis make me an watercolor artist.
Searching for calm and protection o find a way to connect myself with the universe, and feel
part of everything thar is infinity.
Since the first two watercolor tubes i won, I fell in love with it. When going deeper in the
watercolor world i began to make parallels with life. The domain you have over watercolor is
parcial, as in life. The results change outside our will, by external factors, as humidity, heat,
wind… Also any brush stroke can be erase, but can be a way to out brain get new routes and
create interesting things.
Watercolor also helped me with non toxic pigments, biodegradable papers. And all my
pieces are 100% in watercolor and cotton/celulose or started in watercolor and finished
I’ve always been an architect, but in 2020 i also discovered the watercolor artist in me.
Since then i made a individual exposition in October 2020, joined a international collective
exposition on London with SKT Spaces. Another exposition with SKT Spaces online in the same
year. And developed patterns for a Brazilian company, Sururu FabLab, that works with circular
economy and sustainable development through green economy.


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