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Versus Son
Gregory Logan Dunn

Versus Son



Title: Versus Son
Year: 2017
Size: 62” x 48”
Technique: Oil on Wood Panel
Versus Son is the inheritance of the sins of the father and the inheritance from generations that make up our psychology and create our identity. It is the opportunity for the newest branch on the tree to look at the roots and say I know you, I am you, but I reject you for what is good, for what can be better and what was acceptable will be challenged. I am my own, and I will be better, and I will teach my own sons more than what you knew. The future courses through me and I will wield destiny with righteousness, humility and courage. For family and country, for man and woman in all their diversity, and for the God we cannot and should aspire to know. How could you want anything less?

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