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Mad Max
Lisa Gehres

Mad Max



Mad Max Original art work by Lisa Gehres. Artwork comes ready to hang, certificate of the authenticity is included. Dimensions incl. frame: 60 cm (W) x 80 cm (H) o Edition: original o Mixed Medium: acrylic, spray paint, glossy coating on canvas o Support and framing detail: stretched canvas, unframed, ready to hang o Year created: 2020 Warranty: original artwork delivered with a certificate of authenticity “The picture is a 60x80 cm representation in acrylic on canvas by Lisa Gehres and shows a figurative representation that is typical for her. "Mad Max" is used as a perfect simile for any chaotic, slightly dangerous scene/situation. "Mad Max" meant it was probably best avoided although would normally be massive fun. It takes its title from its namesake "Mad Max" an Australian post-apocalyptic action media franchise. Set in a future Australia, the film presents a saga of societal collapse, murder, and revenge in which an unhinged policeman becomes embroiled in a violent feud with a savage motorcycle gang responsible for the murder of his wife and son.” Artist: Lisa Gehres

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