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Abstract Statement No.2
Mayr Volker

Abstract Statement No.2



Title: Abstract Statement No.2
Year: 2020
Size: 90x120cm
Technique: Oil painting on canvas.

„A splendid abstract work.“
Jury review by the Netherlands art-competition PAINTING OF THE YEAR:
„A splendid abstract work. A work reminiscent of the discoloration of large beech trees. As if the maker crept into the crown of the beech when autumn came. Such a stately be-ech that can still be found in the backyards of large embassies bordered by bright green grass. Pieces of heaven are still visible because of the magnificent foliage. What a feast for the eye this work is. However, the colour yellow is of great significance to the maker of this work. The yellow has been applied with so much love and has been given the op-portunity to shine. A work in which the loving heart of the sun has burst open.“

Artprice "Merit Award For Outstanding Artwork" of ARTROOM GALLERY "Textures & Pat-terns" Art Exhibition August 2020

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