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Nature in belief
Shinji Mikame

Nature in belief



Title: Nature in belief
Year: 2022
Size: 80x100cm
Technique: acrylic on canvas

I got inspired by the power of belief for the three paintings I did for this exhibition. A belief that can make us better beings, brings us peace, happiness and sometimes solutions, yet, has a great danger in itself such as madness, chaos and conflicts that can bring. The first painting is a belief in the sun from the perspective of human beings. Our relationship with the sun and how it has changed over the hundreds of years. The three dimension relationship between human beings, the sun and things that we created and are in between the two existing. The second painting is about the sun as well, but from the perspective of nature. The relationship between the sun and nature. A belief that exists in the world of nature that is invisible to us. The third one is the power of belief itself. It’s not the matter of what any beings believe in, the act of believing itself has a great power as well as danger.

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