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In the flow
Mashal Batra

In the flow



Title: In the flow
Year: 2021
Size: Size A1 ~(59x84 cm) (23x33 inches)
Size A2 ~(42x59cm) (16x23 inches)
Size A3 ~(30x42cm) (11x16 inches)
Size A4 ~(21x30cm) (8x12 inches)
Technique: Acrylics, pastels and ink on fine art paper
“When you are in your zen what you end up achieving often has an element of surprise.”

‘In the flow’ is one of my favourite artworks. This painting revealed itself when I was in the state of flow. I was connected to something bigger than myself. Simply staying in that moment mattered much more than the outcome itself. While I was engrossed in adding layers upon layers in the painting…Black, red and blue colours in the middle appeared on the surface like a pleasant surprise and the whole piece came together.

This painting is a reminder of how important it is to be in the moment and forget about the outcome to the point that the end result takes you by surprise.

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