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"My creative energy comes from a spirit of resistance to all forms of oppression and domination of dignity. I believe that all people should live a rich life as a human being without having their dignity trampled upon."

I am a third generation Korean living in Japan. My grandparents came to Japan from the Korean Peninsula under the Japanese colonial rule.
I have been expressing a pure "image of the Korean community in Japan" and "image of the Korean school in Japan" based on my personal experiences.
Because those that form my values are often consumed by capitalism and social movements, and their substance(entity) is blurred.

I also created the "Boundary Point" series when I gave birth. The same theoretical structure as above. It expresses the "existence and relationship of individuals" that cannot be collected as memories, cuteness, fashion, and life.

Past Exhibitions
Solo Exhibitions
"もういちどたどる" - 2019, Shinjuku Ophthalmologist(GANKA) Gallery

Group Exhibitions
ふじゆうトピア - 2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Atelier East
おしえるひと=おそわるひと - 2015, ART FORUM JARF
ムサビ袴田クラス+チョデミ合同展 - 2012, Musashino Art University Extracurricular Center 1F Exhibition Room
NEW VILLAGE - 2010, 0000Gallery
and many others.


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