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Psychedelic Trip
Mashal Batra

Psychedelic Trip



Title: Psychedelic Trip
Year: 2020
Size: Size A1 ~(59x84 cm) (23x33 inches)
Size A2 ~(42x59cm) (16x23 inches)
Size A3 ~(30x42cm) (11x16 inches)
Size A4 ~(21x30cm) (8x12 inches)
Technique: Acrylics, pastels and ink on fine art paper
The painting highlights a happy and fun place that already exists inside us. A place where we set ourselves free. We be who we are. We move as we want. We dance as we like.

Deep inside we know what makes us happy and joyful and yet we wait for someone else or something else to pull that trigger for us!

Psychedelic trip invites you to find your string of happiness, pull it and set yourself free. Go to that happy place where you are meant to be.

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