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Monica Meilstrup

Monica Meilstrup



Name: Monica Meilstrup, Danish artist based in Copenhagen
“Moments”, - a good description of my paintings.
I am painting with oils and have invested years of practicing, before getting close to where I am today.
I have always had lots of stories to tell, that comes out of human relations and situations.
Moments and experiences.
My painting for this exhibition represents the moment, - either before, present time or after a situation.
It is grief, adversity in life, to overcome them and carry them with you and to be able to love again. Love
for relations and for life.
They represent a feeling of “not wanting to grow up”. Not wanting to let go of the joy and still master
the art of presence, that somehow the youth manage perfectly.
“To love and live forever”.
It is about being who we are, regardless of the judgement that might follow by the surroundings.
It is to stop the time, love and be presence and do whatever makes you happy, while the moments are
still yours to catch.


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