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Natsumi Sumita

Natsumi Sumita



Natsumi tends to use clear lines and distinctive colors.
The tendency for the artist's to seek to gain insight into only the true nature is reflected.
Yet uses very surrealistic motifs, underlying this might comes from my point of view,
None can prove that me and you exist/doesn't exist, thus None can prove that what we see in our mind exist/doesn't exist.
Natsumi also uses abstract drawing to express things inside her that she cannot explain in words.

Emerging artist,
From 2020 Dec to 2021 Apr, participated as a creator in town development/artist in residency project, mainly creating a public mural art in Tobetsu, Hokkiaod Japan.
In Jan 2021, nominated at JR Tower Art Box competition, Sapporo
Studied at Art University Bournemouth, UK.


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