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Tala Abunuwar - Kittaba

Tala Abunuwar - Kittaba



After a successful career as a marketing executive in telecom for 18 years and raising 4 children from ages 15 to 1, Tala had a spiritual awakening that it was time to leave the corporate world and make a new type of impact-no matter how small- by following her intuition and her passion for mixing art with islamic mysticism, Rumi’s wisdom, Arabic poetry & yoga philosophy.
Her work - mainly layered, movable pieces using raw Arabic calligraphy and eclectic materials like wood, acrylic, glass, mirrors and fabric- each tell a unique story of spiritual insight and are reflections of Tala’s own quest for spiritual enlightenment and Oneness and her desire to share it with those around her!
In July 2020, when the whole world was experiencing a global pandemic, Tala and her family moved to the United States. During lockdown, Tala found solace in her art. She started for the first time creating on paper and fabric, using Arabic calligraphy and contemporary art, you can see her work on Instagram @kittaba.
Tala's artwork was exhibited in many art galleries and has found homes in many cities around the world. Her work has an especially strong presence in the United States, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Bahrain. Tala now lives in Lexington, Massachusetts with her husband and their four children.


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