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Natsuyo Takahashi
Mixed Media Artist

Natsuyo Takahashi

Mixed Media Artist


I create artwork on the theme of “gathering". It all started with a picture book I read in elemen-tary school called "Swimmy" by Leo Leoni. In the story, the main character, Swimmy, imitated a big fish and was able to swim in the wide ocean with the fish who could not get out from behind the rocks because they were afraid of the big fish. The big fish that the fishes imitated created a new existence and a new world. I remember finding the act of gathering together fascinat-ing.There are many events, both good and bad, in the process and results that are gathered and accumulated.
Although they tend to be interpreted in a universal sense in society, I believe that they are mere-ly the average of the accumulation of various individual values in the background. I wanted to consider the balance between respect for the individual and the society in which I live from the act of “gathering". I am working on a series of "TYPE" as one of the ways of expression.
・Certain Chinese characters (Kanji is Chinese.) are assembled into other words that have the meaning of the kanji (e.g., love → LOVE, hope → HOPE) and silk-screened onto multiple acrylic panels.
・I want to convey that while the meaning of the words created by the aggregation is universal, the individual consciousness of everyone is different, and there is a reality that is not bound by any one value.
・The layering of acrylic panels creates depth and expresses a deeper individual awareness and process. //Bio// I am graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design and I started my career as an artist while working as a computer graphic designer. Currently, I am based in Tokyo, Japan, and I have shown my artworks in New York (2014, 2017, 2019), Lon-don (2019), Milan (2020) and at the Affordable Art Fair in New York (2014). // Mar,2023 Tagboat art Fair @ Tagboat(Japan Tokyo)// Jun,2022 「TAGBOAT ART SHOW」 @ Hankyu MEN’S OSAKA(Japan Osaka) // Mar,2022 Tagboat art Fair @ Tagboat(Japan Tokyo) // Mar,2021Tagboat art Fair @ Tagboat(Japan Tokyo) // Feb,2020 14th Monaco - Japan Artistic Meeting 2020 @ Auditorium Rainier III (Monaco) // Sep,2019 ART POINT in London 2019 @ Es-pacio Gallery (London-UK) // Feb,2019 Winter Group Shows @ Onishi Project (NY-USA) // Jan,2017 Winter Group Shows @ Onishi Project (NY-USA) // Sep,2014 group exhibition @ Onishi Project (NY-USA) Affordable Art Fair @ NY-USA


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