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Delia Sveglia
Digital Artist

Delia Sveglia

Digital Artist


I am an Italian artist living in London.
I make art as an act of abstraction—especially from oneself. Crossing the border of this untamed land, you can roam safely. You are cocooned yet free.
In the past year I have been studying darkness.
Staring into the dark, only the essential meets the eye and objects reveal their essence. Shapes become suspicion of a reality and reality becomes an impression, an idea. When it’s pitch black, space loses its boundaries and darkness becomes a gateway to reach an infinite world within a finite space.
For my digital paintings I use Adobe Photoshop and a drawing tablet. The characters I depict are states of the mind rather than Realist illustations.
My process is similar to painting on a physical medium: I work on a single layer and don’t delete anything—I keep painting on top of what I want to edit. I rarely use transparency because I like the colour to feel thick and rich.


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