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Demos Envenomous
Gregory Logan Dunn

Demos Envenomous



Title: Demos Envenomous
Year: 2017
Size: 72” x 63”
Technique: Oil on Linen

Demos Envenomous. The Poisoned People. Prometheus, was the Titan who gave Man the gift of Fire and was punished by the Gods who chained the Titan to a rock and commanded a Giant Eagle to eat his liver. But the Titan's liver would grow back each day, and the Eagle would re-turn to devour it again. Like Prometheus, the American people are subjugated to an eternal cycle of poison through misinformation, fear mongering, racism, xenophobia, hate. We suffer from deception, lies and doublespeak. Everyday we drink the poison and scream in pain at the venom we are suffering. Everyday we grow more tolerant to that which is destroying us, developing an immunity to that which we despise. Every day we are never truly destroyed.

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