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Hyunah Oh

Hyunah Oh



I am Korean born and mostly lived in Seoul. Art has been into my life ever since I was seven years
old participating in art class. Graduated from Seoul High School of Arts and Music. Received BFA
and MFA in Fiber Art at Ewha Womans Univ. in Seoul. Majoring in fiber art led my work focused in
figuration and formation dealt with fiber media until around the year of 2016, from then I have been involving mostly on canvas abstracting lines and drawing. Which led me to 4th solo exhibition “Abstract Writing-Lines Unsaid” in the year 2022. Achieved a award such as ‘Woman of Ewha Year 2021 (Fiber Art Dept)’ among four other granted awards over the years. Invited and exhibited at ‘2006 Busan Biennale’. Participated in six art fairs including ‘Daegu Art Fair 2019’. Also Participated in invitational exhibition, ‘Korea Art Festival III-10th ceremony of Korean Kulturhaus’ 2022 in Austria Vienna’ including 96 other group exhibitions throughout the years. Not only art itself but lecturing at several universities over 27 years may have helped me sustain and burrow into art in interference with everyday life. I think art has the value in independency by performing and reconciliation as the art is displayed. Recently I am more involved in my work preparing for 5th
solo exhibition in July, 2023 this year.

Subtracting all distractions led to abstracting. My abstractions start from here. I intend to return to the stages before the agreed symbols. I abstract intentional dialogues. abstracting. Back to a state with neither symbol nor meanings. An infinite number of lines traversing, neither as a signifier nor a signified. Language, dialogue, and conversations not communicated become plain lines and are placed on the canvas. “They are heard but not listened.” I begin murmuring. There is no such thing as intended linearity. The consecutive lines traversing the static canvas are recorded as my murmur over time. Starting by listening to my voice, attentive listening begins. Attentive listening is a collaboration of hand gestures just like the drawings of the countless lines on canvas. I hope the continuous lining resonates like a rhythm and dance routine and is finally seen (heard) by others and I listen to what they are seeing(heard). Like the act of writing a diary, the expression of scribbling and drawing lines of my thoughts and mind on the canvas has been years. Effort on emptying and collecting my thoughts on canvas becomes record of my abstract writing.


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