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Irina Makeev

Irina Makeev



Hey, I'm Irina Makeev and my journey into painting started almost 2 years ago.
As a child I loved painting and at that time I won second and third place in two painting competitions. In the course of time, I forgot my talent, which reappeared after the birth of my son during parental leave.
My works of art are an authentic expression of my inner world. When I paint, I come to rest and immerse myself in the world of my imagination. There is something meditative about being completely in the here and now and creating something magical in the process. It's like being in paradise or on another planet.
I prefer to be inspired by beautiful natural landscapes, which I then try to express in my works of art. This creates opulent beauties that invite you to immerse yourself in my little paradise. My paintings are predominantly combinations of acrylic and mix-media techniques on canvas. Surrounded by colours, sometimes colourful, sometimes a little quieter.
Dream, come to rest and heal yourself in a place just for you. My art should touch your heart and the emotions of your soul and give you the opportunity to connect with the infinite universe.
I am happy if you accompany me on this journey and immerse yourself in your inner world.
That is the true essence of yourself.


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