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Astrid Ludwig-Molitor

Astrid Ludwig-Molitor



I studied Art and German and graduated at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz, Ger-many.
Already at university I was very interested in painting, particularly, in the combination of lines and
Handwriting has always been my key interest. Specializing in this field, the resulting structures
became very important for my artistic work. Also, the artistic technique of the collage gives me
various possibilities to experiment with how different elements, may they be form or media,
influence and communicate with each other.
My works always tell stories and can be understood as an active search for tracks and traces. Each
and every spectator will always will find something unique and individual in my pieces of art and
perhaps one can even find oneself in them.
My paintings have been presented in national and international exhibitions. In the art gallery “Atelier
Lichtblick“ in Germany, my artwork can be seen in a permanent exhibition.


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