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Eliana Dell'Olivo

Eliana Dell'Olivo



My name is Eliana Dell’Olivo, I was born in Venice and I graduated from the Liceo Artistico Statale in Venice. This was the starting point for starting an artistic journey which later revealed itself as a means of expressing, through pictorial expression, my emotions in the complexity of human moods.
Painting is the tool through which I can let my deepest self flow on the canvas, transmit and communicate a perception, a sensation or a concept to the viewer.
Overlays of images, color contrasts, help me create a visual impression that accompanies the mind to reflection, joy or introspection.
The protagonists of my works are almost always: nature in its various aspects, but also places in the world that I have visited and that have emotionally involved me.
I love to express through painting what these places have inspired in me, to concretize these perceptions that are transformed into color.


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