Mikhail Liamin




Title: Puuterihuone
Year: 2019
Size: 140 X 100cm
Technique: mixed technique, abstraction

My ideas are inspired by the laws of nature and forms found in the architecture and culture of the Nordic countries. The name of the painting «Puuterihuone» is translated from Finnish as Puuteri - powder, huone - room. «Puuterihuone» is a conceptual exploration based on the interpretation of the historicism of
the urban environment through chaotic textural prints. The font is an integral part of the facade element, the task of which is to convey the atmosphere of an urban environment, where abso-lutely every facade of a building in the city of Helsinki has an individual patina, reminiscent of wa-tercolor stains. The picture is painted through the image obtained by looking through the prism of the characteristic atmosphere of the city. The uniqueness of this work is in the combination of decorative plaster and acrylic paints, cardboard and epoxy resin. The combination of matte base and glossy elements provides texture and graphic
contrast. The color scheme mimics the color of the building at the moment when the Scandinavian sun disappears behind the clouds.
The basis of my concept is the laconic lines, the dynamics of the composition, the northern re-straint of the colors, the play of matte and glossy elements, emphasized by the contrast of the textures of the Scandinavian style joined together. The picture fits easily into different interiors of neoclassicism, modernist style, Scandinavian minimalism, loft. To strengthen the wooden frame of the painting, a special structure was used, which gives strength and light weight to the product. The picture already has everything necessary for fixing, hanging accessories and is ready to de-light and inspire you every day. Bringing the aesthetics of a Nordic design culture to any space.
The basis is foam board.