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Drips of Golden Sea

Drips of Golden Sea



Title: Drips of Golden Sea
Year: 2022
Size: 60x90 cm
Technique: mixed media: acrylic, mica powder, resin, gold glitter

Drips of Golden Sea is a visualization of my personal impression of ocean. When I see the word ‘LIQUID’, first things that crossed my mind has always been ocean and life. About 71percent of earth is covered with water as oceans hold about 96 percent of all Earth’s water. Oceans are a key element of life on earth. I believe ocean is a treasure. We could only see about 10% of life under water, the remaining still a deep mystery. It’s a ‘golden treasure’ that cannot be seen nor touch. Imagine the pressure as we go deeper into the ocean, it could kill and we will vanish to nothing. The sound of waves and its aroma some-how recompose my senses and doubts. As a human, there are limitation in what we can do, physically. But you see, mind doesn’t. Mind can go beyond, limitless. The drippings represent my overflowing curiosity and thoughts of what lies underneath. Sometimes, the curiosity should slow down and let the unseen remains hidden. It is what it is.

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