Ghost Canon
Gregory Logan Dunn

Ghost Canon



Title: Ghost Canon
Year: 2017
Size: 56” x 48”
Technique: Oil on Wood Panel

Ghost Canon is the echo of false promises, broken words that attempted to lose meaning be-fore they were spoken. An abstract not meant to light an idea but to fan the smoldering consciousness of a diminishing evil frustrated by its existence. Present only in the form of embers, the light of defeated ideas burn in the memory of generations. That the American Civil War was lost by the wrong side. That racism was the pillar that would make America great. America was built on racism. This foundation is in its bones. It existed before were a country, or even a group of states. Those bones burn inexhaustibly, through clouds of smoke you can see the flames licking out like a lie from the tongue of a demagogue, who will be satisfied by nothing less than a field of ash as white and pure as new fields of snow. But racism cannot define us. The promises that were made in the the Declaration of Independence must be held to account and those that decry them must also be held accountable. If “all men are created equal”, then racism in itself is a crime, if not an act of treason. And if not, then these bones are not even good enough for soup.